Little boy tells about seeing heaven

Little boy tells about seeing heaven


Heaven is for RealAt first his parents weren’t sure what to make of their young son’s claim that he had seen heaven while on the operating table. But then the boy began telling them things that he couldn’t have known such as details about his sister that they had never even told him about and his great grandfather whom he had never met. He says he knows these things about these people because he met them while in heaven. He also met Jesus and angels and learned many extraordinary things while in heaven.

His experiences and discoveries in heaven are all in the book Heaven is for Real.

Here is a clip from a TV interview with the boy and his father:

Here is a 20 minute radio interview with Colton Burpo’s father:

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One thought on “Little boy tells about seeing heaven”

  1. every time I read of people “going to heaven” and seeing loved ones, one question always arises .If we can recognize love ones who are in heaven then we can discern the ones who aren’t and the Bible says there will be no tears in heaven and if I don’t see my children I will certainly cry

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